Now is the time to request applications for the school year 2019

If you or someone you know would be interested in applying for one of these scholarships, please read and share the information below. You may click above for an application, or you may request one from the AOWA Executive Director.

A scholarship recipient may attend the school of their choice, whether ACADEMIC, VOCATIONAL, or TECHNICAL, in or out of the state of Alabama.

The scholarship monies may be used for books, tuition, tools to be used in the class or trade, special required clothing and/or protective devices, and other requested items as approved by the Scholarship Committee. At the end of the year the remainder, if any, will be given to the recipient for miscellaneous expenses. The Scholarship money may not be used for education or continued education related to onsite licensing.

Persons eligible to receive the scholarships are AOWA members, spouses of members, children of members, grandchildren, stepchildren, other close relatives of a member having no children or having underage children, employees of member companies who have worked an average of 25 hours per week for at least 6 months for that member company and AOWA employees. Documentation of such employment must be attached. All applications must be approved by the Scholarship Committee. 

Scholarships are for the 2019 - 2020 academic year. If the scholarship is not used during this period of time, the scholarship will be revoked. Being approved for one scholarship does not disqualify an applicant from applying for another in a subsequent year. Past scholarship recipients must re-apply and complete the entire application if they wish to be considered this year. Failing, without good cause, to complete the courses for which the first scholarship was issued will result in disqualification for a second. 
The application must be completed with no unanswered questions. Even if the question does not apply or the answer is “none,” enter that information . It is important that this application be totally complete. A separate sheet of paper with a written summary of the applicant’s ambitions and goals, the reason they are 
pursuing this career, and why they are applying for this scholarship and a grade sheet must be attached. 

 The scholarship money will be administered by the AOWA Treasurer. Instructions for receiving the scholarship benefits will be given in detail to those awarded the funds.

The Scholarship Committee may cancel the scholarship in some instances. Examples are: not attending classes, misusing tools, grades falling below a “C”, conviction of a crime, fraudulent acts in school, not using the scholarship in the awarded year, discovery that false information was submitted on application.

If the scholarship recipient stops attending school without good cause, he/she shall reimburse AOWA for all monies received at that point. Scholarships are non-transferrable

We look forward to receiving your application. Please call the AOWA Office at 334-396-3434 one week after mailing the application to verify its arrival.

AOWA Scholarship Committee    

2019 Scholarships