Technical Review and Advisory Committee
1.  To study soils, environmental challenges, and wastewater management techniques to discover what factors impact wastewater system successes and failures.
2. To compile data regarding system failures and successes in evaluating proper    wastewater  management parameters;
3. To assist poor and needy families in Alabama by providing donated system products and  installation. These systems will serve as pilot systems to be monitored and evaluated for successes and failures;
4. To accumulate, analyze, and disseminate scientific research, testing, evaluation, and conclusions regarding wastewater products and techniques. Susch research is to be shared with individuals and entities associated with the wastewater industry (i.e., Health Department officials, engineers, installers, manufacturers, pumpers, etc.); 
5. To obtain funding for research, testing, evaluation, and data collection in furtherance of the above stated purposes.

Members of Committee:
1.  Three licensed installers from North, Central, and South Alabama to be appointed byAOWA;
2.  One licensed pumper to be appointed by AOWA;.
3.  One licensed manufacturer/distributor to be appointed by AOWA;
4.  Representative(s) of Alabama Department of Public Health;
5.  Representative(s) of Alabama Department of Environmental Management;
6.  One Representative from eash of the following manufacturing companies: 
Infiltrator, ADS, Hancor, Crumpler, PTI, Geoflow, American Manufacturing, Zabel,
Systems, Premiere Tech, Bord Na Mona;
7.  The committee will be chaired by the President of AOWA

Organizational Objectives:
1.  It is the intention of AOWA that TRAC develop into a respected and longstanding advisory committee to the wastewater industry in Alabama  as well as government regulatory agencies for the benefit of the citizens of Alabama and businesses involved in the wastewater industry.
2.  It is the intention of AOWA that this committee will have the opportunity to provide comments and  recommendations on any new data (including but not limited to  technology, products, services,management techniques, innovations, or research) presented to the Health Department or other regulatory agencies that directly involves the wastewater industry.